Revue Algérienne d'Economie et de Management
Volume 7, Numéro 2, Pages 32-40

محددات البطالة في الجزائر خلال الفترة 1980- 2014 " دراسة قياسية باستخدام نموذج الانحدار الذاتي بفترات الابطاء الموزعة Ardl"

الكاتب : مناقر نور الدين . جمعي سميرة . قارى ابراهيم .


This paper investigates empirically the unemployment rate determinants in Algeria over the period (1980 – 2014), using the autoregressif distributed lag model ARDL, the variables included in the unemployment rate function are: foreign direct investment population growth rate, fixed capital formation and inflation rate, the bound test for co-integration shows that there is a long run relationship between among variables , the ARDL error correction model indicates that the speed of adjustment is about 37 % yearly , finally the short run causality tests suggests that the unemployment rate is significantly influenced by population growth , inflation rate and foreign direct investment in the short run.

الكلمات المفتاحية

unemployment, ARDL model , bound test for co-integration, Algeria