Journal of social protection research
Volume 1, Numéro 0, Pages 45-58

Fondements Et évolution De La Gestion Stratégique Des Ressources Humaines : Une Synthèse Littéraire

Auteurs : Serradj Toufik .


Strategic Human Resources Management, which refers to the processes by which the human resources strategy is formulated, implemented and evaluated; is characterized by principles, which condition its approach. First of all, it follows the choice of the human resource management approach on which it is based. Then she obeys a modelling of her strategy. In this respect, this paper focuses on certain models of strategic human resources management that marked the beginning of the 2000s; these are the models of: Bamberger & Meshoulam (2000); the model of Wils & Guerin (2002, 2006) and the model of Bayad et al. (2004). Finally, this article discusses the challenges of valuing and the diversity of human resources, as well as the prospect of economic crisis, which imposes on the organization a delicate management of its human resources.

Mots clés

Strategic Human Resources Management, Strategic Human Resources, Human Resources Management approaches, Models of Strategic Human Resources Management