Annales de l’université d’Alger
Volume 34, Numéro 3, Pages 332-352

تأثير فيروس كورونا Covid-19على تنفيذ الالتزامات التعاقدية

الكاتب : مولاي زكرياء . محمد الامين بن الزين . خدايم كريم .


In the context of the circumstances in which the world lives due to the Corona virus and the rapid spread behind the latter, it is a state of panic and panic, as the latter caused great losses in all social, economic, political and even legal areas. Thus, we find that most of the countries of the world were obliged to take the necessary measures to try to mitigate its spread such as preventing gatherings and further from That is to stop studying and closing mosques in Islamic countries in order to preserve humanity at the public level. As for the private level in Algeria, since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, Algeria has taken several measures and measures to protect the lives of its people, as it has been arrested. Many activities that were a source of livelihood for many Algerian families, in addition to transportation, universities, schools, and the thing that made the President of the Algerian state issue Executive Decree No. 20-69 of 26 Rajab 1441 corresponding to 21-03-2020 related to measures to prevent the spread of the Corona epidemic COVID 19 and Executive Decree Supplement No. 20-70 of 29 Rajab 1441 corresponding to 03/24-20 identifies complementary measures to prevent and combat the spread of the Corona virus epidemic Covid-19 where these two decrees aim to preserve the security, safety and health of citizens and it is no secret that health epidemics are a material occurrence that has Negative effects on legal relations in general and Contractual relations, in particular, will not be with the suspension of the implementation of some obligations or the impossibility of their implementation, and this is the goal of this research peppier , which is to highlight the impact of the epidemic of COVID 19 on civil and commercial transactions between individuals or between the individual and the state or between the state and other countries.

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