El-Tawassol" التواصل"
Volume 25, Numéro 1, Pages 233-248

The Influence Of Western Feminism On Islamic Feminism In Assia Djebar's Women Of Algiers In Their Apartment

Authors : Kouachi Rawiya .


This article questions Assia Djebar’s Islamic feminism in Women of Algiers in Their Apartment. Albeit Djebar is known as an Islamic feminist, the analysis of her collection of short stories, from an Islamic feminism standpoint, unravels non-Islamic feminist practices in terms of forced marriages, beating wives and unveiling women. Hence, Djebar’s work is not an Islamic feminist work. It exhibits many western feminist ideas relevant to the French feminism of Kristeva, Cixous and Irigaray. Consequently, the collection does not represent Islamic but Arab feminism that is greatly influenced by western feminism.


Islamic feminism; non-Islamic practices; Arab feminism; French feminism; western feminism; Women of Algiers in Their Apartment