Recherchers economiques manageriales
Volume 14, Numéro 1, Pages 205-225

Impact Of Inflation On Stock Returns In Banks And Financial Services Sector In Egyptian Stock Exchange

Authors : Elgabali Dr Walid .


This research aim to study the effect of inflation on stock returns in banks and financial services sector in Egyptian Stock Exchange. The inflation is a macro variable which is taken under consideration, it is considered as a very important for the economy of any change among this variable affect the economy in various ways and the regulatory authority to take steps in order to make changes in their policies which can affect the economy in a positive way. Eleven years from (2007- 2017) is taken in consideration. Regression model is applied to the data and the result shows that there is a relationship among the independent variable (Inflation) and dependent variable (Stock Returns) Key Words: Banks and Financial Services Sector, Inflation, Stock returns.


inflation ; stock returns ; Banks and financial Sector