Security & strategic affairs

مجلة الشؤون الامنية والاستراتيجية


Journal of Security and Strategic Affairs (JSSA) first issued in 2023, it is a double-blind peer- reviewed academic journal, published by Algeria Shield for Comprehensive Security and Strategic Studies Laboratory -Ali Lounici -Blida2 University. JSSA is a biannual multidisciplinary journal in July and December, that publishes peer-reviewed scholarly articles across the entire field of International Relations and International Security, It is concerned with related themes from security and strategy perspectives, from the field of international relations and foreign policies, conflicts resolutuions, social and human sciences, Culture and Identity, natural and technical sciences, and as far as discussions on various security issues in general benefit,It Includes studies and articles, which discuss a wide range of thematics of concern to the contemporary world, such as: - Geopolitics, Security & Strategy. - Military Affairs. - Politics & International Relations. - Intelligence & Defence. - Peace and Conflicts resolution. - Terrorism & Cyber security. - Environmental, Food & Health security. - Energy & Economic security. - Humanitarian & Societal security. - Political and legal security...etc.