Revue d’études archéologiques



The journal " etude archeologiques " - Athar- is a scientific publication edited by the Institute of Archaeology - University of Algiers 2-, it brings together research works from different fields of the social sciences and humanities and also sciences directly related to modern archaeology.It has a ascientific council and a reading committee whose members come from the university sphere and research centers. Its publications are recognized by the scientific community and its references are highly appreciated by all researchers in fields of various investigations: Archaeology, history, sociology, ethnography, philosophy, geosciences, auxiliary sciences…..For this purpose, the journal « Athar » is intended for a wide audience of different horizons. The university community and those from research centers and the cultural field benefit first of all the published works. The unpublished data and the rereading of certain frames of our history are subject to discussions between different specialities. Moreover, another type of reader ship consisting of PHD students and students finds the scientific material for the development of their research themes.The Journal is published regularly annually during the month of December, and in the three languages: Arabic, French and English.


إستقبال المقالات لسنة 2024

نعلم جميع  الباحثين والباحثات أنه تم  إفتتاح  فترة استقبال المقالات لمجلة الدراسات الأثرية  و  سوف تمتد إلى غاية 15 أكتوبر2024 كآخر أجل.