Journal of Scientific Research


The Journal of Scientific Research (JRS) is an international electronic journal. This journal is free of charge and it's located at the interface of research journals, and the vulgarization journals in the field of scientific research. It publishes quality articles in the domain of basic and applied sciences and technologies, where the main objective is to coordinate and disseminate scientific and technical information. This Journal publishes articles in specialized and separate issues covering the following scientific disciplines: - Electrical Engineering, - Mechanical Engineering, - Civil Engineering, - and Physical sciences.







Numerical simulation of the pressuremeter test

pages 9-13.    M. Barhmi. H. Khachab . A. Berga .

Equalization and Encoding Blocks Setting for Coded Transmission Using UTTCM

pages 14-18.    Abdesselam Bassou. Abdelhafid Hasni. Chems Elhouda Allaoui. Abdelmounaïm Moulay Lakhdar. Abdelmalik Taleb-ahmed.

Rayleigh-Bénard convection: Onset of natural convection and transition from laminar-oscillatory convection flow

pages 19-26.    Said Bouabdallah. Badia Ghernaout. Ahmed Benchatti. Fatima-zohra Benaraib.

Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis of a Nuclear Research Reactor Core Channel

pages 34-42.    O. Labani. K. Sidi-ali. B. Saim. Kh. Oukil.

Characterization of lightweight aggregates manufactured from Tunisian clay

pages 43-51.    N. Salem. Mounir Ltifi. Hedi Hassis.