Journal of Scientific Research
Volume 4, Numéro 7, Pages 43-51

Characterization Of Lightweight Aggregates Manufactured From Tunisian Clay

Authors : Salem N. . Ltifi Mounir . Hassis Hedi .


The objective of this study is to characterize a lightweight aggregate expanded in laboratory. Identified by physical, chemical, mineralogical and heat treatment, raw clay verified a set of conditions for the manufacture of lightweight aggregates. Smectite, illite and kaolonite were present. Expanded clay aggregates were then produced in the laboratory following a specific manufacturing process. The effect of temperature on the expansion properties of aggregates was studied. The properties obtained are comparable to those available in the commercial sector. The pellets were used in a concrete mix. The compressive strengths were determined at 3, 28 and 90 days with a cement water ratio 0.5 and a cement content of 350 kg/m3. The results of the mechanical behavior study seem to be very similar to those required by the relevant standards for lightweight concrete. The study aimed to add value to the Tunisian clay which is not generally considered a natural resource for industrial development to meet the important needs of the construction industry and public works.


Expanded Tunisian clay, lightweight aggregate, lightweight concrete.