Journal of Scientific Research
Volume 2, Numéro 4, Pages 30-35

Réalisation D’une Commande D’un Onduleur Triphasé à Cinq Niveaux Avec Vérification Expérimentale

Auteurs : Zerhouni Fz . . Zegrar M. .


Our work is to study and realize a three-phase inverter with five levels to be coupled to a photovoltaic generator for feeding an induction motor, or to provide an independent power supply. Practical tests have focused on the quality of the output in terms of harmonic order. The structure produced can be used to test any type of control. Implementation support is a PIC microcontroller to provide commutations. The use of a microcontroller, is for the management of successive times in real time. For the realization of the inverter, we used the MOSFETs. Their grid control must be particularly suited to their specific characteristics. We took the practical results of the calculated spectrum and THD, both quantities necessary to judge the quality of the output voltage of the inverter.

Mots clés

convertisseur multi niveaux, harmoniques, MOSFET, spectre.

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