Journal of Scientific Research
Volume 4, Numéro 7, Pages 3-8

Modeling And Simulation Of Nonlinear Behavior Of Planar Structures, Of Reinforced Concrete And Fibers Concrete By The Finite Element Beams

Authors : Alioua Nacereddine . Drizi Said . Meziane Roufida . Belhoucine Malika .


A model is formulated while being based on the theory of Navier _ Bernoulli for the cross-sections in the plans reinforced concrete and fibre reinforced concrete structures. This modelling is carried out using beams finite elements takes into account the nonlinearity had: with the materials concrete and steel, with the interaction steel concrete, the problem of cracking and also with the influence of fibres on the behaviour. A data-processing program «frame_2d» is elaborate in FORTRAN 90, which will allow the digital simulation. Lastly, several examples extracted the literature were tested by using the program «frame_2d ». The comparison of the results obtained with theoretical and experimental results, is very satisfactory.


nonlinear Modeling, finite element beam, reinforced concrete, fiber concrete, cracking