Algerian Journal of Engineering Research
Volume 2, Numéro 4, Pages 21-28

Photodegradation Study Of Salycilic Acid By Tio2 And Synthesized Tio2-cu.

Authors : Souhila Rabhi . Hayet Belkacemi . Naima Lahouazi . Fatine Djabelkhir . Nawal Moussi . Drifa Benhammouche . Leila Ait Brahem .


Water pollution from emerging contaminants (ECs) or emerging pollutants is an important environmental problem. An heterogeneous photocatalytic treatment, as advanced oxidation treatment of wastewater effluents, has been proposed to solve this problem. In the present study, it was considered for emergent contaminants removal using salicylic acid as a model contaminant molecule. TiO2 photocatalytic activity was evaluated using photocatalytic reactor configuration: Photocatalyst solid suspension in wastewater in a stirred photoreactor. The used catalyst was characterized by various analysis techniques namely (SEM, XRD, DTA-TGA and FTIR), monitoring the photodegradation of salicylic acid by exposure to UV-rays (250 nm-265 nm) using UV spectroscopy. The effects of catalyst mass, photodegradation time, salicylic acid concentration, pH, CuO content in TiO2 and ionic strength were investigated.


TiO2, CuO content in TiO2, Pharmaceutical waste, salicylic acid, photodegradation, environment

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