Revue de l'Information Scientifique et Technique
Volume 24, Numéro 1, Pages 1-10

A New Deep Learning-based Chatbot System For The Customer Service Companies

Authors : Tahar Mehenni . Nadjemeddine Boudjellal .


People want to communicate with technology in the same manner they communicate with other human beings, and the communication between brands and their clients has never been so intense as it is nowadays. With the rapid development of technology, the customer experience is changing dramatically. Customers want more autonomy and self-service options, preferring to make a purchase or get information without interacting with the human representative of the brand. Therefore, the use of chatbots in customer service can be a solution to the crucial issue of improving customer-brand communication. Companies are using this technology to create better engagement with their clients with the help of messaging platforms, to offer a regular chat function, in-message purchasing, and many other advanced functions. In our work, we have explored two deferent chatbot systems, the first bot is an open domain deep learning chatbot that has been trained on our personal computer, and the second one is a customer service chatbot that designed and trained in Google cloud platform.


Deep learning ; chatbot ; customer service ; Dialogflow ; sequence-to-sequence ; TensorFlow