Volume 9, Numéro 2, Pages 402-417

Le Numérique Et Les Mutations De La Lecture Dans Un Contexte Universitaire -vers Un Travail Collaboratif-

Auteurs : Mehyaoui Adila .


Along with the different online learning platforms, usually used to manage educational pathways involving many people in a teaching/learning process using information and communication technology (ICT), Moodle has emerged as one of the best learning management system (commonly known as LMS) since the early 2000s and the most used in several academic and professional institutions all over the world. In this paper. we are interested in the experiment of a didactic approach which is based on the use of technological tools in teaching French as a language of communication for the benefit of a public of future engineers. The principle of this approach consists nt implementing comprehension reading exercises of academic texts belonging to the speciality of learners. By the conception of a system to support students in their learning Of language, which we have integrated into an online teaching platform installed through Moodle, we have tried to create a space for exchange and sharing resources between the different participants (students/teachers), thanks to the various digital tools available, in particular, that of WIKI which is, in our opinion, the most demonstrative system to support an environment favorable for the collaborative work.

Mots clés

ICT, Moodle, collaborative working, writing comprehension.