Volume 1, Numéro 1, Pages 37-75

إشكالية المنهج في العلوم الإنسانية المنهج البنيوي مثالا

الكاتب : الزواوي بغوره .


This research deals with one of human science methodology, namely structural method that appeared in the twentieth century, by critically analyzing its epistemological content. To achieve such task, we followed a certain manner in analysis that consist of outlining the field of research, concept of method, theoretical background of structural method, conceptual body based on several steps, principles, and rules. We primarily focused on the corpus of the founder of this method Claude Levi-Strauss, especially his scientific discipline anthropology. We reached some conclusions, most importantly, structural method was a stage within the development of human science methods, it risen a vital issue in human science which is the question of language, since it looked to linguistics as a scientific model. In spite of the importance of this method, especially in its early stages, it revealed later its Owen practical and scientific limits, which eventually affected the structural method and its aim to uplift human science to the level of natural science. This lead to the emerge of new methods within the trend of structuralism such as sociological, decostructural, archaeological methods as well other methods implemented by human science to understand the complex human phenomena.

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إشكالية المنهج-العلوم الإنسانية - المنهج البنيوي مثالا