Algerian Journal of Signals and Systems
Volume 1, Numéro 1, Pages 37-46

A Combined Sliding Mode Space Vector Modulation Control Of The Shunt Active Power Filter Using Robust Harmonic Extraction Method

Authors : Dahdouh Adel . Barkat Said . Chouder Aissa .


This paper presents a combined sliding mode space vector modulation control of the shunt active power filter using robust harmonic extraction method to improve the power quality such as current harmonics and reactive power compensation due to the non-linear loads and unbalanced voltage source. To verify the validity of the analysis and the feasibility of the proposed control method a set of simulation tests have been conducted using Matlab/Simulink. A comparison between the conventional instantaneous powers method (PQ) used for harmonic extracting and the new PQ based on a multivariable extraction filter demonstrates the superiority of the proposed control scheme.


Shunt Active Power Filter (SHAPF), Multivariable Filter (MVF), Space vector Modulation (SVM), Sliding Mode controller (SMC).