Algerian Journal of Signals and Systems


We are honored to announce the publication of the journal: "Algerian Journal of Signals and Systems; AJSS", which is published quarterly by the Signals and systems Laboratory at the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, M’hamed Bougara University of Boumerdes. We are convinced that «Algerian Journal of Signals and Systems" will provide the opportunity to publish papers with authentic and insightful scientific and technological information on the latest advances in electrical and electronic engineering.







Application of the Unit Circle Representation to Pattern Synthesis of Nonuniformly Spaced and Nonuniformly Excited Arrays based on the Teaching Learning Based Optimization

Recioui Abdelmadjid, 

Résumé: Pattern synthesis of Antenna array has gained much attention over the last years as they constitute an important role in the modern communication systems. Unit circle-based techniques such as Schelkunoff null placement method have proved their effectiveness to synthesize uniformly spaced linear arrays. Nonuniformly spaced antenna array pattern synthesis has been investigated and interesting results have been obtained. In this work, the unit circle representation approach is applied to synthesize nonuniformly spaced and nonuniformly excited linear arrays. The objective is to accurately place nulls in the desired directions while achieving the least possible sidelobe level. The problem is cast as an optimization problem that is solved using the Teaching Learning Based Optimization (TLBO). Examples are dealt with to prove the design approach effectiveness and flexibility for modern communication system applications.

Mots clés: unit circle representation ; pattern synthesis ; nonuniform arrays ; Optimization ; TLBO

PMU Optimal Placement in Wide Area Monitoring Systems using Grey Wolf Optimization technique

Azzougui Yasmina,  Recioui Abdelmadjid,  Mansouri Anfal, 

Résumé: Wide area monitoring system requires the integration of an advanced technology that provides real time synchronized phase angle measurements at all their measurement points. The phasor measurement units are the most advanced devices to achieve that. The objective of this work is first, to find the optimal placement of a minimum number of PMUs in some standardized IEEE systems. Next, the same method was applied to the Algerian 63 bus system. Two cases are taken into consideration: the minimum number of PMUs without considering the ZIB, then, considering the ZIB. The simulations are carried out using MATLAB/SIMULINK.

Mots clés: Smart Grid ; Wide Area Monitoring Systems (WAMS) ; Phasor measurement unit (PMU) ; optimal PMU placement (OPP) ; Grey-Wolf optimization