Sciences & Technologie
Volume 0, Numéro 16, Pages 109-118

The Risks Of Sunlighting Classrooms. An Appraisal Method To Assess The Severity Of Discomfort Due To Sunlight Penetration In Classrooms. Site Of Study: Primary School Classrooms In Constantine (algeria)

Authors : Saffidine-rouag D . Zerouala M.s .


The westerly orientations for a large number of primary school classrooms in Constantine involved a serious environmental problem provoked by uncontrolled sunlight. Under such circumstances the schoolchildren had no choice than keep sitting under incident sunlight while performing their various school tasks. Evidence of the severity of discomfort experienced by those pupils was investigated using observational methods. The results allowed to reach substantial conclusions about the risks of sunlighting classrooms.


westerly orientation, classrooms, sunlight, discomfort, observational methods.