Volume 6, Numéro 2, Pages 23-30

Biological Efficacy Trial Of Several Active Substances Against Broadleaf Weed Herbicides Wheat: Case Of Veronica Species In Soft Wheat Fields (triticum Aestivum L.)

Authors : Rouag Noureddine . Mekhlouf Abdelhamid . Makhlouf Mahfoud . Rouabhi Amar .


In Algeria, cereal crops are seriously rivaled by weeds, thus limiting production and yield. The continuous use of some herbicides has often resulted in the elimination of some species, in contrast to other species, Veronica spp., were strongly adapted to these chemical molecules. Becoming a real pest problem to solve, this has been the objective of this work. Recognizing this, the present study examined the determination of optimal doses and dates of two herbicides namely TribenuronMethyl (Granstar) and Triasulfuron + Dicamba (Zoom) effective for the control of speedwell in fields soft wheat variety El-Wifak, trial conducted at the Experimental Station of Sétif ITGC. The results showed a clear dominance Veronica spp. (Veronica herbifolia, Veronica persica) compared to other weeds encountered in the plot namely: Fumaria officinalis, Fumaria densiflora, Gallium aparine, Papaver rhoeas, Diplotapsis muralis, Saponaria vaccaria, Polygonum aviculaire. Using the Zoom at a dose of 150g/ha at 2-4 leaf of Veronica spp. showed significant efficacy in their control compared to other doses of the same herbicide (120g/ha and 180g/ha) and also regarding to the most herbicide (Granstar) used in the region at the doses of 12.5g/ha and 18 g/ha. This resulted in a gain of 12.94q/ ha grain yield compared to non-weeded plots and 5.51q/ha compared to the average of the control.


Zoom, Granstar, Rates, dates, weeds, wheat, efficiency.

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