Volume 10, Numéro 2, Pages 10-17

Apport Des Neurosciences Cognitives Et De La Traductologie à La Compréhension Du Processus De La Communication Verbale

Auteurs : Kouchkar-ferchouli Fatima Zohra .


This paper aims to demonstrate that any verbal communication is a complex process. Cognitive neurosciences and translation studies play a key role in explaining this complex process, because any effective verbal communication, either spoken or written, requires the following: - A psychological connection between the sender(s) and the receiver(s); - Intonation in spoken communication and punctuation in written communication, because they are components of meaning; - A cognitive baggage, which is necessary to make meaning, bearing in mind that every message comprises an explicit verbal content and an implicit nonverbal content.

Mots clés

verbal communication ; cognitive neurosciences ;translatology ; psychological connection ; explicit verbal meaning/implicit verbal meaning.