Revue des sciences et sciences de l’ingénieur
Volume 6, Numéro 1, Pages 17-23

Morphological And Optical Properties Study Of Zno/porous Silicon(ps) Nano Composites Prepared By Electro-deposition Technique

Authors :; Selmane Naceur .


ZnO nano particles deposited on silicon porous substrates (PS) were prepared by electro-deposition anodization on n type (100) silicon wafer. This ZnO/PS structure combines substrates having specific structural and optical properties (IR emission), with nano-composites of ZnO potentially interesting due to their functional properties (UV emission) to be integrated as constitutive elements of devices in various optoelectronic applications mainly in blue light emitters. The blue shift in the photoluminescence PL peak is possible and easy to obtain (467nm) in fhis combined structure. The structural properties are characterized by X-ray diffraction (XR D) and scanning electronic microscopy (SEM).


Nano composites ZnO; Electrochemical deposition; Porous silicon.

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pages 112-115.

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