Volume 13, Numéro 3, Pages 187-203

Factors For Assessment Of Groundwater Vulnerability In Semi-arid And Arid Zones

Authors : Kerzabi R . Mansour H . Yousfi S . Mudry J . Benchaib A . Bentoumi Ms .


Aquifer protection from pollution is an important action for a development and wise exploitation of the groundwater resources. In arid and semi-arid zones, rare surface water resources make groundwater the principal source of drinking, industrial and agricultural exploitation water. The idea of this work is to present the different factors participating in natural protection and assessing the groundwater vulnerability in a particular climatic context “arid and semi-arid”, so four factors are chosen for vulnerability mapping: lithology, water surface depth, infiltration conditions and effective rainfall. Each parameter is classified to identify a large variability. The vulnerability index is calculated by multiplication of four factor’s rating. A pilot site, the ElBayadh syncline is used to test this methodology in terms of typical physical and hydrogeological characteristics. The vulnerability map shows about 75% of the surface pilot site is classified as very high vulnerability. These areas could consequently beprotected for future development.


groundwater, arid zone, vulnerability, ElBayadh syncline.