Volume 10, Numéro 4, Pages 97-111

Sorption Of 2, 3- Dichloropropionanilide On Five Soils From The Delta Of The Senegal River In Mauritania

Authors : Ould Sid’ahmed Ould Kanko M . N’diaye Ad . Ould Homeida A . Baudu M .


The 2,3-dichloropropionanilide is a position isomer of propanil, a weed-killer widely used nowadays in agriculture across the Sahellian countries. We report here the effect of 2,3-dichloropropionanilide on five soil samples collected in the Mauritanian delta of the Senegal River. Methodology: A bit of how soils were sampled and determined using the reactor must be provided to permit repeatability. The results obtained showed that the physical and chemical compositions of the five soils studied were different. The adsorption in discontinuous reactor revealed a specific effect of 2, 3dichloropropionanilide with respect to each of the five soils taken individually. The study of the synthetic product adsorption in dynamic reactor confirmed the affinity of the molecule for the organic matter and clay fraction as demonstrated by the effect of the product on a soil from Limoges (France) different from the five Mauritanian soils. The affinity of the 2, 3-dichloropropionanilide is physical for the organic matter and the clay fraction and chemical for the metal compounds such as Aluminium, Iron and Manganese.


Adsorption, 2,3-dichloropropionanilide, discontinuous reactor, dynamic reactor, pesticide