Volume 10, Numéro 2, Pages 31-45

Developing A Protection Plan Against The Riverine Flood Risk In Urban Area The Case Of Skikda (north-east Algeria )

Authors : Boulghobra N .


The hydrological hazard in the city of Skikda is particularly due to the combination of the physio-geographic characteristics of the basin, and the effect of the climatic circumstances, but the vulnerability to the flooding risk has increased following to the human interventions often irrational. The hydrological feedback represented by the exceptional flood of December 1984, has been served as a tool for the hazard quantifying and mapping, and also allowed the elaboration of a protection plan against the risk of flooding. This plan offers techniques and recommends measures in order to reducing damages, through controlling the hydrological extremes on the upstream, in parallel with the sustainable and efficient management of the floodplain on the downstream.