Journal of New Technology and Materials
Volume 8, Numéro 1, Pages 22-30

Unsteady Numerical Simulation Of Turbulent Forced Convection In A Rectangular Pipe Provided With Inclined Porous Baffles

Authors : Fethallah Fakiri .


This study presents an Unsteady Numerical simulation of turbulent forced convection in a rectangular pipe with inclined porous baffles. An Unsteady Numerical simulation was carried out to study the thermal performances of a rectangular pipe with the porous baffles of a different angle. The porous baffles which are arranged on the bottom and top channel wall in a periodically way. This technique is used to increase the heat transfer coefficient the fluid (air). We solved numerically, by the finite volumes method, the equations of conservation, of the mass, the momentums equations, and energy. The Reynolds number the 10000-50000 a k -ε turbulent model was adopted for the taking into account of turbulent. The velocity, pressure, and terms of momentum equations are solved by algorithm SIMPLEC. The parameters studied include the entrance mass flow fluid rate, the unsteady regime of fluid. The influence of mass flow rate of air, the axial velocity and time. The efficiency of rectangular pipe with inclined porous baffles numerically Unsteady. The results show that the flow and heat transfer characteristics are strongly dependent on the mass flow rate of air and the geometry of the porous baffles and the inclined porous baffle. It was observed that increasing the parameters Reynolds number will decrease the Nusselt number, as expected.


Porous media; Horizontal Canal; Thermal transfer and matter; Model Darcy-Brinkman-Forchheimer; Forced convection; Porous baffles;