Volume 4, Numéro 1, Pages 91-104

Experimental Investigation Of Flow And Energy Dissipation In Stepped Spillways

Authors : Hazzab A . Chafi C .


The dams composed of stepped spillways are often considered as the adapted structures for the passage of sludge. The stepped channels conception does not relieve of a novel idea, since structures of such a type existed a long time before. We note that among the hydraulic structures realised at the beginning of the century in USA and in South Africa, we find numerous structures realised on the base of this concept. Recently, and with the introduction of novel construction materials and the technology modernisation, the interest for the stepped spillways has increased considerably to the sludge on the dams. The synthesis of recent studies show that the concrete steps or gabion hydraulic structures are used utilised in the engineering appliances. This discharging structure presents a high mechanical stability and a good resistance to break flood "swelling".


Flow, Energy dissipation, Stepped spilways

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