Journal of Advanced Research in Science and Technology
Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 281-291

Etude Floristique Et Ethnobotanique Des Plantes Medicinales Au Nord-ouest De La Tunisie : Cas De La Communaute D’ouled Sedra

Auteurs : Jdaidi Nouri . Hasnaoui Brahim .


Medicinal plants are very important for the northwestern people of Tunisia. Local populations have close (confined) relations with the forest. It (emerges that) it may be concluded from this study a great variety of medicinal species related to the biological richness of the forest of Ouled Sedra, (this region subject a) this region undergoes very difficult climatic conditions, occupied by a poorless and highly illitered population. Our investigation, allowed us to identify 24 medicinal plants belongs to 14 familly that are used more by the local population in traditional medicine. It should be noted that 100% of households use medicinal species collected from the forest of Ouled Sedra. The survey showed that foliage was the most used part. The majority of the traditional medications are prepared as decoctions. Local population have a deep knowledge of medicinal plants and they long been used. Threats to these species constitute the main causes for the intense exploitation by the local population. It becomes therefore urgent need to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of medicinal plants, the protection of their habitat and to restore relations between people and natural resources

Mots clés

Medicinal plants, Ethnobotanical study, Traditional medicine, Community Ouled Sedra