Traduction et Langues
Volume 11, Numéro 2, Pages 13-24

écriture De L’amalgame Générique Dans Le Roman De Malika Mokeddem/ The Generic Amalgam Writing In The Novel Of Malika Mokeddem

Auteurs : Belkacem Dalila .


The present article adresses and discusses the metissage of writing in selected novels by the Algerian writer Malika Mokeddem. The analysis demonstrates that Mokeddem’s novels break genre rules; in fact, the borders between genres are permeable and entirely shattered. They oscillate between the true, the plausible and the implausible, thus creating a hybrid form. Mokeddem’s writing imitates the movement of her heroines in their quest(s) for identity and reflect her literary project which consists of writing the story of her life in several novels. Malika Mokeddem has chosen to display the novel genre on texts, especially for those chosen for this article have imposed themselves by their rapprochement in the narrative frame. Any reader, whether informed or not, feels this impression of 'continuity' and 'sequence' when he enters the literary universe of the writer. And what, at first, is an impression is confirmed over the course of reading. The writer is responsible for highlighting the common thread by sprinkling her stories with clues. Her texts are, therefore, crossed by this crossbreeding of writing which stems from that of his flesh. "Mixing», and "diversity" are the criteria that run through her entire work and permeate it, they are also the elements that "translate" it best. Thus, the texts, the languages, the cultures as multiple as they are, rub shoulders so closely that they end up interpenetrating and forming only a multiple “one” or a united “whole”. In their plurality, Mokeddem texts call for uniqueness. A reconstruction of the “meta-text” of Malika Mokeddem has imposed itself since her text is offered to be read in fragments. Thus, and beyond the multitude of characters, it is a single "I", that of the author, who is told. This crossbreeding of writing, these mixings of the flesh and these genrological mixings announce, therefore, the presence of the 'bursting' at different levels in Malika Mokeddem's novel. Her writing follows the movement of her characters in their quest(s) for identity, elsewhere. All the ambiguity and particularity are reflected in her texts and in the character of her writing. Indeed, the author/her work is both united and fragmented. Her writings agree to form a text: the one that partly relates his life and on the other hand, they "Disagree". They unite in bursting and burst in uniqueness which “totally” reflects the literary project of Malika Mokeddem who writes the story of her life in several novels.

Mots clés

Metissage, genre crossing, ambiguity, fragmentation, Algerian literature