PhytoChem & BioSub Journal
Volume 9, Numéro 2, Pages 34-38

Effects Of Aqueous Extracts Of Daphne Gnidium (thymelaeaceae) Leaves On Larval Mortality And Reproductive Performance Of Adult Culex Pipiens (diptera; Culicidae)

Authors : Benhissen S. . Habbachi W. . Mecheri H. . Masna F. . Ouakid M.l. . Bairi A. .


Daphne gnidium, better known as Garou or the Saint Wood, is a shrub of the Thymelaeaceae family. All parts of the plant are toxic, mainly the leaves and fruits. Our study aims to highlight the toxic effect of aqueous extracts from fresh leaves of Daphne gnidium (Thymelaeaceae) on fourth-stage larvae of Culex pipiens. A high mortality has been noticed due to this plant that varies according to the exposure time and used concentrations. The LC50 and LC90 values for Daphne gnidium were specified. We also demonstrated that aqueous extracts of fresh leaves of Daphne gnidium have greatly disturbed the fecundity and fertility of adults from treated larvae.


Culex pipiens, aqueous extract, Daphne gnidium, Mortality, Fecundity.

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