El-Tawassol التواصل
Volume 20, Numéro 1, Pages 28-41

Gender Identity, Misogyny, The Crisis Of Masculinity, Queer Theory, « The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock”, The Feminine Other, Patriarchal Society, Homosexuality.

Authors : Bounekhla Abdelouaheb .


This article grapples with one of the fundamental ethical debates of postmodern times in one of the most celebrated Don DeLillo’s novels: (White Noise). The novel, in fact, discusses the human eternal existential dilemma about the life and death issue as perceived by the prominent thoughts and attitudes of late twentieth century America. In this novel DeLillo explores the general failure of the great metanarratives, religion, science and consumer culture, to account for the needs and preoccupations of the postmodern human societies and the consequent trauma on the human psyche.


American literature, postmodernity, trauma, metanarratives.