Journal of Materials and Engineering Structures
Volume 4, Numéro 1, Pages 25-36

Fresh And Mechanical Properties Of Self Compacting Concrete Containing Copper Slag As Fine Aggregates

Authors : Sharma Rahul . Khan Rizwan A .


An investigation is carried out on the development of Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) using copper slag (CS) as fine aggregates with partial and full replacement of sand. Six different SCC mixes (60% OPC and 40% Fly Ash) with 0% as control mix, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% of copper slag substituting sand with constant w/b ratio of 0.45 were cast and tested for fresh properties of SCC. Compressive strength and splitting tensile strength were evaluated at different ages and microstructural analysis was observed at 120 days. It has been observed that the fluidity of SCC mixes was significantly enhanced with the increment of copper slag. The test results showed that the compressive strength increases up to 60% copper slag as replacement of sand, beyond which decrease in strength was observed. The highest compressive strength was obtained at 20% copper slag substitution at different curing ages among all the mixes, except for 7 days curing. The splitting tensile strength of the CS substituted mixes in comparison to control concrete was found to increase at all the curing ages but the remarkable achievement of strength was detected at 60% copper slag replacement. The microscopic view from Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) demonstrated more voids, capillary channels, and micro cracks with the increment of copper slag as substitution of sand as compared to the control mix.


Self Compacting Concrete, Copper Slag, Sand, Fresh properties, Mechanical properties, Microstructural analysis