Journal of Building Materials and Structures
Volume 2, Numéro 2, Pages 41-50

Fresh And Hardened Properties Of Self-compacting Concrete With Different Mineral Additions And Fibers

Authors : Haddadou Naima . Chaid Rabah . Ghernouti Youcef . Adjou Naima . Bouzoualegh Malik .


In this work, several reinforced self-compacting concretes were prepared by using three types of fibers made of steel, polypropylene and glass, and three different types of mineral additions (marble powder, metakaolin and limestone powder). The water to cement ratio was kept constant at 0.34 and fibers were used in combination, keeping the total fiber content constant at 60 kg/m3. Slump flow diameter, L-Box, stability and air content were performed to assess the fresh properties of the concrete. Compressive strength, flexural strength, splitting tensile strength and ultrasonic pulse velocity of the concrete were determined for the hardened properties. Noteworthy performances were generally obtained, particularly in hardened properties for the self-compacting concretes prepared with steel fibers in association with polypropylene fiber and marble powder as mineral addition.


Self-compacting concrete, Mineral additions, Workability, Fibers, Hardened properties.

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