PhytoChem & BioSub Journal
Volume 10, Numéro 3, Pages 121-127

Effect Of Hydrous And Saline Stress On Seeds Of Chamaerops Humilis L. At The Stage Of Germination

Authors : Médjati Nadjat . Hasnaoui Okkacha . Hachemi Nouria . Babali Brahim .


In order to later consider a conservation and rehabilitation program, as necessary to evaluate the effect of the main environmental constraints affecting the germination of seeds of Chamaerops humilis L., including drought and salinity. For this purpose, we subjected seeds to various concentrations of NaCl (0 to 200 mM) and of PEG 6000 (0 to 200 g/l). The Germination is evaluated by the cumulated seed rate germinated during one 60 day period. The analysis of ANOVA highlighted an effect treatment (concentration of PEG and NaCl) highly significant on the rate of germination (p≤0. 05). The response of seeds of Chamaerops humilis to the hydrous and saline stress varies in time with the concentration in PEG and NaCl although it reduces the rate and the speed of germination expressed compared to the witness. Nevertheless, this study shows as well as the germinative capacity of Chamaerops humilis with respect to the abiotic constraints is undoubtedly sufficient to retain in the projects of improvement of the pastoral cures and fight against the turning into a desert and to widen consequently its surface of distribution.


Chamaerops humilis L., Saline stress, Hydrous stress, Germination