Revue des Sciences Humaines & Sociales
Volume 3, Numéro 47, Pages 182-199

Analyzing The Purchasing Behavior Towards Counterfeits In Constantine City (algeria) Using Ajzen's Theory Of Planned Behavior (tpb): A Moderated Mediation Analysis

Authors : Mohamed Amine Ferroudj .


We try through this paper to gauge the moderating effect of both religiosity and perceived behavioral control on the relationship between attitudinal and subjective norm factors, and purchasing counterfeits, mediated by intention implementation. We have limited the inferential test to the moderated mediation model which we divided into two sub-models: first stage moderation effect and second stage moderation effect. The first sub-model represents the moderating effect of religiosity on the relationship between the independent variables and intention implementation (the mediator), where we aim to depict whether an effect would occur or not, and if it does is it strong or weak. Whereas in second sub-model, we try to gauge the same effect but on the second part of the path and with another moderator, i.e. testing the moderating effect of perceived behavioral control on the relationship between intention implementation and purchasing counterfeits. The results are more than revealing and are presented within few pages.


Ajzen's theory of planned behavior, purchasing counterfeits, religiosity, moderated mediation analysis, conditional process analysis