Revue Finance & marchés
Volume 10, Numéro 2, Pages 55-70

The Algerian Stock Market Perspectives And Constraints.

Authors : Yatim Mohamed .


Abstract : Everyone agrees that the lethargy of the Algerian stock market has lasted too long and that the time has come to remedy it through the adoption of a clear strategy and a precise policy likely to revitalize and evolve and to relaunch the activity of this market, so that it can fully play its role in financing the country's economy through the allocation and mobilization of funds saved and thus participate in its economic development. The determination of the various obstacles and constraints that hinder the functioning of the Algerian stock market is imperative for all possible prospects of evolution and dynamization in the near future. This article aims to make an objective statement that clearly determines the constraints and clearly specifies the stakes on the national economy for the purpose of presenting answers able to contribute concretely to the lifting of these obstacles by the realization of fund reforms.


stock market ; : stock market performance ; financing the economy ; political, economic and social constraints