Journal of Studies in Language, Culture and Society (JSLCS)
Volume 5, Numéro 2, Pages 74-91

The Effect Of Emotional Intelligence And Woring Memory And Selective Attention On Reading Comprehension Of Students With Learning Difficulties In Lebanese Inclusive Schools

Authors : Ismail Shaza . Geha Mounah .


Emotional intelligence (EI) and executive functions (EFs) are constructs deemed vital for academic achievement. Selective attention and working memory as EF skills are relevant to the acquisition of reading comprehension. Social emotional learning (SEL) programs have a positive effect on EI competencies and academic achievement. There is little existing research on the effect of the relationship between EI and EF on reading comprehension of students with learning difficulties at the elementary level, particularly in the Lebanese context. This research investigates the effect of the MindUP SEL program on EI, working memory, and selective attention in students with learning difficulties, subsequently studying the impact of the relationship between EI and working memory, and EI and selective attention on reading comprehension. The experimental pre-test/post-test research design was employed utilizing experimental and control groups in random selection. The sample comprised all 63 fourth and fifth graders with learning difficulties enrolled at two Lebanese inclusive schools in Beirut area. Results suggest a huge effect for the MindUp program on emotional intelligence, working memory, and selective attention.The ANOVA results did not reveal a significant relationship between EI and working memory or between EI and selective attention on reading comprehension. However, working memory explained 15.1% of the variance in reading comprehension. Implications for future suggestions are discussed.


emotional intelligence ; learning difficulties ; selective attention ; social emotional learning ; working memory