Revue algérienne d'économie et gestion
Volume 16, Numéro 2, Pages 201-217

Inclusive Innovation: Definition And Potential In Terms Of Growth (an Analytic Survey Of The Literature)

Authors : Beddek Fatiha .


This paper deals with inclusive innovation, a new concept within the field of innovation studies. It offers an analytical survey of the literature concerning two aspects. First, we review the literature that focuses on the definition of the term and consider the relationships with related concepts (frugal, pro-poor, grassroot innovation).Secondly, we analyze the links with so-called inclusive growth, describing the mechanisms by which growth is possible, and what place inclusive innovation could have. Our main result is the richness of the concept of inclusive innovation and the great diversity of its meanings. This type of innovation tends to bring together private consumption and social well-being, previously separate targets. We conclude by noting that the richness of the concept of ININ is crucial for rethinking economic growth, especially in its pro-poor aspect.


inclusive innovation ; pro-poor ; ladder of inclusion ; BOP ; growth