Journal Algérien des Régions Arides
Volume 14, Numéro 2, Pages 103-109

Physiological Responses Of Cork Oak Seedlings (quercus Suber L.) Grown On Solid Substrates Amended With Sludge

Authors : Karoune Samira . Kechebar Mohamed Siefallah . Deghiche-diab Nacima . Saad Somia .


Sludge are collectively used as amendment in various regions. They play an important role in the stability of grounds. Only, these Sludge contain (according to the technique of used purge) certain chemical elements which can be toxic for the organisms which would be in contact and vegetables are the most vulnerable in this toxicity.The chemical analyses of certain substances, namely, the proline, the soluble sugars and the chlorophyll allowed us to determine which stressful effect can lead Sludge on the oak cork and in which proportion.These results show that Sludge have a significant effect on the biochemical parameters and the stress provoked by these last ones is more marked on the substratum S4 in 80 % of Sludge


Bioindicator, ; chlorophyll, ; oak cork, prolines, ; residual sludge, ; stress, ; soluble sugars