Revue des Sciences Fondamentales Appliquées
Volume 9, Numéro 1, Pages 119-135

Study Of Trophic Relationships Between Diaspididae Family Species -host Plants -predators And Parasitoids In Algeria

Authors : Belguendouz R. . Biche M. . Bendifallah L. .


The use of parasitoids and predators in biocontrol contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture, respects environment and human health. In this context, we undertook the identification of natural Diaspididae enemies located on the Algerian territory. Results highlight three predatory families: Coccinellidae, Nitidulidae and Coniopterygidae families, the first represented by the most voracious species as Rhyzobius lophantae living on 19 Diaspines observed on 121 plants, from the northern, and two parasitoid families lived on 39 Diaspididae species affecting 125 plants and were represented by four genera and 23 species such as Aphytis and Encarcia (Aphelinidae) lived on 31 diaspididae species found on 125 host plants. The most voracious and polyphagous species identified are interesting for IPM.


Diaspididae, Predators, Parasitoids, Host-plant, Algeria.