Journal of Studies in Language, Culture and Society (JSLCS)
Volume 4, Numéro 2, Pages 65-77

The Effects Of Film Adaptations On Efl Students’ Engagement With English Literary Texts: Students’ And Teachers’ Attitudes

Authors : Mellit Djihane .


The Rapid global technological development has affected all facets of life; the educational arena is no exception. ICT, above all, has undoubtedly paved its way into the field of teaching and learning of foreign language in general and literature in particular. In the Algerian context, learning English literature is bewildering to many EFL students due to the various linguistic and cultural barriers it may include (Marshall, 1979). Providing the fact that English literature has made a significant comeback into Algerian classrooms, it becomes a foremost necessity for the teachers to devise creative and innovative lessons in order to urge students’ engagement in English literary texts by using new technologies and materials. Although, their impact in EFL classrooms has been widely acknowledged, less is known about students’ and teachers’ perceptions of the relation between film adaptations and students’ interest towards English literary texts. For this purpose, the current study was an initial attempt to probe into the students’ and teachers’ attitudes held towards the effectiveness of using film adaptations as an educational tool in promoting the third year students ‘interest in English literary texts at the Department of English, University of Setif 2. To this end, a mix-method approach is used with the help of two different research instruments, namely, a questionnaire which was handed to 80 third year students. In addition to, a face to face interview which was conducted with four English teachers to complement student testimony from the point of view of an educational professional with ELL teaching experience. The findings have revealed that the targeted learners and teachers hold positive attitudes towards the integration of film adaptations in learning and teaching English literary texts. This led to open the door to further research attempts and initiatives in the realm of literature teaching and learning.


English Literary Texts, Film Adaptations, ICT, Literature, Technology