Volume 5, Numéro 2, Pages 55-71

Board Inclusion In Financial Reporting And Dividend Policy: Evidence From Static And Dynamic Panel Var Models

Authors : Oyedeko Yusuf . Zubairu Mohammed . Mamidu Aruna .


The study explored how board inclusion in financial reporting affects the dividend policy in Nigeria. The study was conducted within the context of deposit money banks (DMBs) and data were gathered from the financial statement of listed DMBs in Nigeria for ten years spanning from 2008 to 2017. The study employed static and dynamic panel VAR technique. The result showed that dividend per share can predicts frequency of the board meeting, the frequency of board meeting can predicts board compliance to banks' rules and regulation in the future and board compliance to banks' rules and regulation can predict dividend per share. The study concluded that board inclusion in financial reporting on dividend policy exerts long-run and short run negative effect on dividend policy. In view of this study recommended that the board inclusion in financial reporting should aim at discouraging manipulative accounting tendencies and enhance true fare of financial position of the banks with the goal of improving or maximising dividend policy represented by the amount of cash pay-out as dividend to shareholders as a form of reward for their investments.


Board inclusion in financial reporting, dividend per share, Deposit money banks