La Revue des Sciences Commerciales
Volume 20, Numéro 3, Pages 26-44

The Contribution Of The International Partnership To The Development Of Infrastructure Related To The Production Of Electricity From Renewable Energies In Algeria

Authors : Erroukrma Fatima Zohra Ikram . Rahal Farah .


Today more than ever, and under the effect of globalization, energy is at the center of all development. In this context, clean energies constitute one of the levers for the economic and sustainable development of nations. However, the sector in Algeria suffers from major obstacles concerning the financial investment costs and the lack of expertise. This work aims to study the Algerian-European partnership relationship with the aim of promoting renewable energies in the country. In fact, we have carried out a critical analysis of the project for the first hybrid solar/gas plant in Algeria, and the largest on the world level, carried out within the framework of an Algerian-Spanish strategic partnership. It emerges from this study that Algeria needs technical support more than financial support in order to be able to develop this sector.


International partnership ; Investment ; Renewable energies ; Electricity ; Hassi R'mel hybrid plant (Algeria).