Volume 11, Numéro 2, Pages 2699-2705

Characterization Of Phenolics Content And Antioxidant Activity Of Leaves From Oranges Cultivated In Algeria

Auteurs : Lagha-benamrouche Samira .


Description of the subject: Orange leaves have always had an important place in the therapeutic arsenal of humanity. Few studies have been carried out on the leaves of certain blond and pigmented varieties. In Algeria no study has been published; our interest in these products comes from these observations. Object: The objective of this research is to determine and compare the antioxidant activity of leaves of seven varieties of orange grown in Algeria and characterize the composition of phenolic compounds by HPLC-DAD analysis. Methodology: Free phenolic acid and flavonoid profiles of the orange cultivars were analyzed by HPLC-DAD, whereas antioxidant capacities were evaluated in vitro using scavenging assay of hydrogen peroxide (HPS), phosphomolybdate method (PMM) and ferrous ion chelating ability (FIC). Results: Amid the tested cultivars, Bigarade possessed the strongest antioxidant capacities. Two phenolic acids and seven flavonoids were identified and quantified. Kaempferol was the major flavonoids in C. sinensis L. However, apigenin-7-glycoside and rutin constituted the greater part of total flavonoids in C. aurantium L, respectively. Conclusion: This information will probably be useful for the utilization of orange leaves as antioxidants in food and drug preparation.

Mots clés

Antioxidant capacity ; characterization ; leaves ; orange ; phenolic profile

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