Volume 11, Numéro 1, Pages 2444-2456

Regeneration In Gaps Of Atlas Cedar (cedrus Atlantica Endl.) In The Djurdjura National Park, Northern Algeria

Authors : Alileche Ahmed .


Abstract Description of the subject: This study deals with the natural regeneration in gap of the mountain forests of Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica Endl.) Carrière in the Djurdjura National Park, northern Algeria. Objectives: This study aims to highlight the effects of light transmittance on regeneration dynamics of this tree species, with a focus on their establishment. Methods: We recorded the light transmittance, soil depth and topographic variables; we counted the number of established seedlings and measured the dimensions of all the inventoried adult stems, over 39 nine plots. A one-way analysis of variance, a principal component analysis and a multiple linear regression were run to highlight the effect of the considered variables on seedling establishment. Results: Our findings revealed that the natural regeneration of Atlas cedar occurs under a combined effect of multiple parameters, which are the stand structure, topography and soil properties. Conclusion: The results obtained make it possible to orient the conduct of silvicultural practices; this is the first step in facilitating the emergence and establishment of seedlings in the Atlas cedar forests.


Keywords: Gap regeneration ; stand structure, seedling establishment; Atlas cedar; light transmittance. ; Gap regeneration ; Stand structure ; Seedling establishment ; Atlas cedar ; Light transmittance