FORUM DE L' ENSEIGNANT منتدى الأستاذ
Volume 7, Numéro 2, Pages 29-41

تعليمية الفلسفة بين التكوين النظري والتدريب الميداني

الكاتب : دريس نعيمة .


Students at the Teacher Training School of Constantine receive an academic training for four or five years, similar to that which students at the university generally have. The particularity with the teacher training school, however, is that this academic training is coupled with a practical training which students undergo during their final year of study. The main purpose of this practical training is to prepare the students for their future profession ‘teaching’ and to give them an opportunity to put into practice the theoretical knowledge they have acquired during the four or five years. The practical training is supervised by students’ university teachers in accordance with cooperative applicant teachers from middle or high schools. Both sides work together to ensure a successful training for the pre service teachers by helping them apply their academic knowledge in different subjects such as psychology and psycho pedagogy in real classroom setting. Being one field of study at the Teacher Training School of Constantine, philosophy department attempts to ensure a good training quality for its students in both aspects; academic and practical. This is achieved through the practical training in addition to the students’ dissertations which tackle different issues from a high school setting. This contradicts the view that philosophy is an abstract subject. Different cases of students’ research works made a positive attempt to link both theoretical and practical training.

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تعليمية الفلسفة ، التكوين النظري ،التدريب الميداني