Bulletin du Service Géologique de l'Algérie
Volume 22, Numéro 1, Pages 91-101

Quantitative Interpretation Of Vlf-resistivity Data Transformation

Authors : Djeddi Mohamed . Aziz Baker Hayder . Zakour Hakim .


A new method for interpreting quantitatively the VLF-Resistivity data is introduced. It depends on the transformation of VLF-R measurements into VLF-EM ones. The calculated result is called VLF-C. The transformation is based first on the Maxwell equations. A linear filtering technique is then applied to the VLF-C data in order to obtain an estimation of length, width and depth of the causative structures. Tests on field data over a buried wall gave dimensions estimation which is in a very good agreement with the actual ones.


VLF-R - MT-VLF - Electromagnetic resistivity - Archaeological prospectingNear-surface geophysics