Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 70-74

La Crise Du Covid-19 Vue Par Les Pharmaciens D’officine Algériens

Auteurs : Helali Amal . Belhadef Mohammed Chokri . Mokhtari Chaimae . Ghoul Merieme .


Introduction: The COVID-19 pandemic, by its characteristics of severity and urgency to act, represents a major public health issue. The pharmacist, a public health player, is in fact the main axis of the healthcare and the prevention system, especially in these types of situations. The aim of this work is to find out how pharmacists community in Algeria are managing this crisis according to the health authorities recommendations, the means available and their own professional experiences. Methods: An anonymous e-survey was carried out on Facebook, including any Algerian pharmacist who agrees to participate and responds cordially. Results: In addition to their daily tasks, to their major role in preventing and raising customers awareness, the pharmacists found themselves faced with another major requirement which is the rational management of stocks in order to avoid shortages. Conclusion: Strongly mobilized, the pharmacist’s community still demand a better communication with the health authorities as well as a reconsideration of the profession and a strong involvement of the pharmacist.

Mots clés

COVID-19 ; Crisis ; Pharmacists community