revue critique de droit et sciences politiques

المجلة النقدية للقانون والعلوم السياسية


The critical journal of law and political science is an academic scientific semi-annual international peer-reviewed journal, published periodically by the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the University of Mouloud Maamri of Tizi Ouzou Algeria, The first issue of the journal was published in June 2006, the journal is interested in publishing all the studies and scientific researches either in the legal or political domain and in the three languages : Arabic French and English, the journal also requires that the researches presented for publication are original contemporary serious and respect the conditions of publication and scientific integrity, it also contributes in the development of knowledge in the subject of competence, researchers interested in the different branches of law and political science from all around the world can publish in the journal. These researches will then be anonymously judged by teacher-grade professors to evaluate it. Thereby, the journal presents an opportunity to professors and research students from in or out of the country to publish their researches, and thanks to the Algerian scientific journal platform system (ASJP) the journal is now available to read and download.