Algerian Journal of Engineering Research
Volume 2, Numéro 4, Pages 29-30

Optimization Of Ultrasound Assisted Extraction As Enhanced Method For Maceration Of Olive Oil With Rosemary Essential Oil

Authors : Hasnia Benmoussa . Mehrez Romdhane . Khalida Bekrentchir . Abdallah Benhamou .


Ultrasound assisted maceration was developed as a new and cleaner procedure for a green enrichment of an olive oil with rosemary essential oil. Ultrasound assisted maceration has been compared with conventional maceration. Ultrasound was then applied in order to accelerate diffusion of the rosemary volatile compounds into the olive oil. Then the enriched olive oil obtained by Ultrasound assisted maceration was qualitatively similar to those obtained by conventional maceration. However, the processing time is reduced from hours or days to few minutes when comparing traditional maceration and Ultrasound assisted maceration.


Maceration, Ultrasound, Olive Oil, Essential oil, Rosemary.