Volume 7, Numéro 1, Pages 133-139

The Toxicological Effects Of The Herbicide 2,4 - D.c.p.a. On Progesterone Levels And Mortality In Wistar Female Rats

Authors : Boulakoud Med S . Mosbah Rachid . Abdennour Cherif . Khelili Kamel .


The effect: of the ester butylglucol of 2, 4-Dichlorophelloxyacetic acid (herbicide) 011 the rate of fertilization and on progesterone levels during gestation ill rats, has been studied. The experiments consisted of four groups; one receiving the drug in the drinking water at a concentration of 125 mg / kg / day (the agriculture dose), the second and the third group received per os doses of 50 and J 00 mg / kg / day of the herbicide, while the fourth group served as controls. The obtained results show that all treatments lead to a decrease in both indexes of females' fertility and in that of newborn mortality. On the other hand, the index. of fertilization has been highly affected by the drug application, with a clear delay in fertilization in animals treated with 100 mg / kg / day and 125 mg / kg / day. Progesterone levels have also been suppressed in individuals receiving the herbicide at 50 and 125 mg / kg / day


Fertility, Reproduction. Herbicide, Rat